Friday, May 13, 2016

1/600 coaling schooner launched

The most recent vessel off  the ways at Old Black Water's Shipyard is a Bay Area Yards 1/600 model of a coaling schooner.  A nearly constant flow of these vessels kept the blockading ships of  the US Navy supplied with coal.  I have added some rigging and a captain at the helm, a crewman messin' with the furled mainsail and another as far away from the captain as possible, adjusting an anchor line at the bow.  This schooner may also appear on my table playing the role of a blockade running schooner, hidden up a saltwater creek loading cotton or salt, making a fine prize for a cutting out party from the nearest US blockader.

Bay Area Yards model coaling schooner

1/600 coaling schooner

Next post I'll be featuring the Bay Area Yards models of the ironclad CSS Arkansas and the timberclad USS Tyler, mortal foes one Yazoo morning.

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