Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Here Come the Lincoln Boats!: 1/600 Thoroughbred ACW

      In one of my last posts of 2016 I think I said I would introduce some of my ironclads in an upcoming post.  Here are 3  1/600 models by Thoroughbred Miniatures; a Cairo, the Essex, and the Lexington.  I have built the Cairo as the Carondelet with a white wash that appears in some of the historic photos..  Evidence now strongly suggests that the chimneys forward timber clad commonly labelled Lexington was in fact the Conestoga.  Photos from the Red River expedition clearly show the Lexington as having the chimneys behind the pilot house like her sister ship the Tyler/Taylor.

USS Essex, 1/600 Thoroughbred Miniature

USS Lexington (Conestoga), 1/600 Thoroughbred Miniature

USS Lexington, now believed to be the USS Conestoga

Federals ashore on cotton procurement mission

USS Carondelet, 1/600 Thoroughbred (Cairo)


  1. Fine work on these boats! Really puts my attempts at painting to shame. Looking forward to seeing more in the future!